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Sakura Fubuki

MirroredSakura's Selling Journal

Cherry Blossom Storm
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About this Journal

Welcome to my(mirroredsakura) selling journal.

Like the sob story of so many others, I need money. And I have a lot of stuff hanging around that someone else might be interested in. Always that chance. What I sell depends entirely on what I have in hand. But the majority of what I have almost always centers around anime, asian music, culture or clothing style.

About Me

I live in the wilds of Southern Ontario, and I frequently bounce from Toronto to Oakville to Waterloo, which is where I currently work/live/go to school, respectively. Not all at the same time, of course, but that is what I do. All this traveling and school expenses require me to pay for them, and for the whole living process while occurs inbetween. I listen to J-Rock, love L'Arc~en~Ciel especially, and write loads of fanfic.

Email: mirroredsakura@yahoo.com