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Welcome to Fubuki no Sakura, the selling journal of mirroredsakura.

It's the same sob story. I need help footing my bills. University tuition fees and living expenses really like beating the hell out of my bank account. And so, because of that, I have to go through all of my old stuff and try and sell so many of the things that I'll miss.

That does not mean that I don't occasionally give in to temptations and buy things. Feeding myself doesn't seem that important when faced with ____ and ____ after all. ^^;

My things range from anime DVDs to J-Rock/Pop CDs to posters to clothes to jewelry, and all else that I might find in between.

Note. I will always try to be fair in what I sell. I'll give as accurate a description and clear pictures as I can, I won't try to cheat you on price or cost, and if an item I sell is a bootleg, I will tell you so. The same goes for anything I want to buy from you. If I find out I can't pay you, I'll tell you. I won't leave you hanging and waiting around trying to contact me.

If you buy something, or I buy something from you (either as mirroredsakura or fubukinosakura, please leave your feedback here. ^_^ Thank you.
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